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Headquartered in Singapore, the COMO Group represents an integrated approach to living well, grounded in a celebration of diversity and a deep respect for authenticity. The Group’s businesses extend across hospitality, fashion, wellness, organic living and specialty foods, and philanthropy. Our approach was based on crafting a website that reflects a distinctive curatorial perspective informed by a timeless sensibility.

Drawing inspiration from the Group's values of Passion, Creativity, and Style, we opted for a minimalistic design strategy that places visual priority on the beautifully-curated photography. Special considerations were given to ensure that the design language across the site caters to the diverse and expanding portfolio of the Group.

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uiux, digital


The menu navigation presents a helicopter view of the Group's diverse business portfolio, and facilitates seamless access to inner-level pages.

Subtle animations enhances the visual dynamism of the layout.

Mobile compatibility of the user interface was a key consideration during the design phase.

AJAX loading reduces friction on content clickthrough by allowing users to jump in and out of bottom level pages quickly.

A strong grid-based layout helps maintain consistency in element alignment and spacing, provides a flexible framework for responsive design, enhances user experience and usability, and strengthens visual hierarchy.

Heldane Text was chosen as the primary typeface for body copy due to its high legibility on screens of all sizes, timeless design, and compatibility with the brand's primary typeface, Helvetica Neue Extended.

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