Portrait Of The Heart

A limited-edition catalogue entitled “心象 [Portrait Of The Heart]” was designed to celebrate Lim Tze Peng’s 98th birthday and to commemorate his 5th solo exhibition.

Spanning over 500 pages and featuring more than 600 artworks, this commemorative publication brings an intimate retrospection of the 98 years-old’s illustrious six-decade art practice.

The book cover features the exhibition title written by the artist.

Paper stock are carefully selected to give meaning to the works. The varied mediums provide the reader an added visual and tactile experience.

A robust grid system provides the flexibility required to present the picture and text elements in various layouts.

Gatefold spreads were employed to better exhibit several of his more sizeable pieces, found only in the second section of the book, aptly titled ‘Larger Than Life’.

… for the 98-year-old veteran, a number of lifetimes have ebbed and flowed. This book is a humble tribute to each of these lives, forming a portrait of the artist through the convoluted strokes of his brush and the tenacity of his ink.

Jazz Chong, Director, Ode To Art
Art Direction
Visual Design