Niometrics is the definition of a 21st century startup: ambitious, maverick and talented. Competing against the Goliaths of the network analytics business, their ambition is to get noticed by leading telcos around the world. 

Niometrics is a corporation with some cutting edge technologies but they did not have a brand. They knew they needed to look good in order to attract big talents and VCs. In an industry dominated by formulaic branding, our job was not just make them better than their best competitor. We aimed to disrupt the industry, with a differentiated visual identity, brand language, and UX.

Niometrics is a band of dedicated and passionate professionals defining the future of data exploration – from data scientists to engineers, coders to user experience designers, marketeers to account managers – united in making a positive impact: making digital data more accessible to more people and for more purposes than ever before.

The brand identity was inspired by cryptography, built around the idea of deciphering meaning from patterns and animated to express data volume, variety, velocity and veracity

Think intelligence zealots. Gregarious geeks. Radical simplicity fanatics. Revolutionists of data democracy. Together, we’re creating value from complexity. Focus from vastness. Meaning from masses.

Excerpt from Niometrics brand manifesto
Art Direction
Back-end Development
Front-end Development
Visual Design